Auto Trash Can 1.5 Gallon
Auto Trash Can 1.5 Gallon

iTouchless 1.5-Gallon Trash Can With Infrared-Sensor Lid Opener, Stainless Steel®

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1.5 Gallon trashcan, for bathroom, office or countertops Mirror sliver finish
Part Number: US-IT01RC
The iTouchless Trash Can with Infrared-Sensor Lid Opener is an ideal solution for an office, kitchen, bathroom or kid's room. Its sleek and compact design allows this touchless trash can to work for you in both office and home environments. This infrared trash can has a sensor that detects movement from up to six inches away. It helps to prevent the spread of germs, since you never have to touch the can to throw something away. When movement is detected, the lid springs open and remains open until movement is more than six inches away from the can. This 1.5-Gallon stainless steel trash can (5.6 liters) is battery operated and works using the latest sensor technology. There is also an option for manual operation, as there are open and close buttons integrated into the can. The iTouchless can is compatible with any 1.5-gallon trash bags. To empty or clean the can, simply open the lid and remove the inner trash bucket.

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