18 Gallons Commercial Stainless Steel Sensor Can
18 Gallons Commercial Stainless Steel Sensor Can

Touchless 18 Gallon Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Can

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Commercial Size Touchless Trashcan® Prevents cross-contamination of germs and bacteria, and saves time on cleaning
Part Number: US-IT18RC
This 100% touch-free commercial-size trash can create a germ-free, odor free, and automated environment. As your hand or debris approaches within 6 inches from the infrared sensor beam on top of the trash can, the lid will automatically open, then closes as you walk away. It keeps your hands clean helping to prevent germ contamination, reducing the threat of illness and infections. This is great for use at home, as well as public areas such as hotels, medical clinics and offices, hospitals, laboratories, schools, or restaurants. The iTouchless commercial size touchless trash can is easy to use and keeps both your hands and your environment clean.

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