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Outdoor receptacle

Outdoor receptacle

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Performance and characteristics of our recycle waste bin. 1. The whole product is made of electro-galvanized sheet, with highly anti-corrosion than normal cold rolled steel sheet. 2. The upper cover is fabricated by tooling, with much higher strength than welding process. It also avoids the corrosion of the joints caused by welding 3. The bottom edge of the cover is folding turn edging, which makes them more durable, and also avoids the possibility of scratching the hands by the cover edge when droping rubbish. 4. To avoid any harm to hands by a sudden close of the upper cover, a fall down damping device is added to the turning mechanism, force the upper cover close slowly. 5. A gentle ventilation device is designed on the rear of the product. It can maintain slow but continnous exchange flow between the inner box and outside (but harmless to the surrounding environment), and keep a balanced air inside. This can avoid the mephitis harm the operators which produced by rubbish zymolysis when high temperature condition after sunlight. 6. The labels are anti-UV, wearproof, and laminated printed, colorful and duralbe, the fading ratio is 6.3% per 10 years, service life is 15-20 years. 7. Inner bin can support the general garbage truck easily and fast on cleaning. 8. Side door design is convenient for loading and unloading the bin. 9. Using the general 120 litre garbage truck supported plastic bin. With more capability, more convenience and more generality compare to the same kind of pedal garbage bin.

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