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MicroFiber Miracle Cleaning Towels

MicroFiber Miracle Cleaning Towels

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Power Tool 1:
Micro Fiber Grabbers.
The ultra fine fibers get down into surface cervices not visible to the naked eye. This allows the cloth to deep clean every surface better than ever before possible. To demonstrate this incredible power perform the stroke test. 

Our most popular iTouchless MicroFiber cloth measures 16" x 16". That is over 3 billion little grabbers per cloth to gobble up and hold the dust, dirt and grime. 

These tiny micro fibers collection wedges scoops up oil, grease, dirt, grime, film, dust, and holds it deep in the cloth to be washed away down the drain at a later time. 

Power Tool 2:
Static Electricity Magic.
The second secret of the micro fiber collection system is static electricity. The iTouchless MicroFiber Cloth sucks the dust and dirt into the tiny traps and hold them locked in until released. The process is like rubbing a balloon on your clothing and then using the static charge to make your hair stand. 

Carefully follow washing instructions and the static electricity will remain after hundreds of washings. 

Power Tool 3:
Unique Dirt And Grime Storage Areas.
When the wedge grabbers scoop up the dirt and grime it is stored in the inner microscopic pockets of the fiber. Moisture from use will cause the outsides of the fiber to expand, locking the soil within the traps. The unlocking release process is activated by washing in hot water which causes the Micro Fiber (core) centers to expand which opens the locks and dumps the dirt down the drain. 

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