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 In the shower or by the sink, we have a model that will coordinate with any décor.

Since the time we pioneered the shower dispenser category back in 1991, the offering has been fine tuned to meet the most discriminating user. Our Dispensers are the ultimate products to unclutter your shower and eliminate unsightly bottles and caps. Imagine the convenience of having your favorite soap, shampoo or conditioner at the push of a button…and getting exactly the quantity you need. We even include waterproof labels to identify each chamber easily! No more fumbling to find the right bottle and then spilling and pouring dollars down the drain. Our Ulti-Mate series of shower dispensers have added storage conveniences, even a built in mirror, for those who like to shave in the shower.

Looking for a hygienic way to dispense soap or sanitizer? Our Touchless Soap Dispnseres are ideal during food preparation. Just position your hand underneath the Infrared sensor area and soap will dispense without having to touch anything. No worries about cross contamination.

Also works great in the bathroom. Replace that messy soap dish with one of our sleek stainless steel designs.
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    Luxury Shower Dispensers Inspired by contemporary perfume bottles, LINEA Luxury Shower Dispensers are as beautiful as they are functional. Crafted of crystal-like elements and completed with rust-proof metal features, LINEA is the definition of luxurious modern elegance.
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Classic Dispenser III in Satin Nickel
$48.95  $45.95